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Writing duets;

Ali Bacon and Pauline Masurel celebrated National Libraries Day in February 2014 with a morning of storytelling for grown-ups at Winterbourne Library.  They shared a selection of their stories with an appreciative audience of local library-goers and those from further afield in South Gloucestershire.

Ali and Mazzy
<!-- Image: Ali Bacon -->

TheManWhoTurnedIntoABook by Holly Corfield Carr and Pauline Masurel was part of the Spike Archipelego project.  One day in November 2013 the pair set out on a walk to explore the area around Spike Island in Bristol.  A curious, circular, collaborative text was the result of this journey and their conversations.

Olly Langdon of Kilter Theatre performed Pauline Masurel's story Winners and Losers at the Story Friday event Not The Olympics in July 2012.

The Story-blind Princess, illustrated by Louise Grant, appeared in Issue 2 of New Fairy Tales.   The same story, read by Hayley Riby, was also available as part of their Audio Collection.

I change
<!-- Image: R Nehila -->

I who...? is a short webpiece reflecting on identity.  It was created using an image and words by the artist Randy Nehila and was published online in Volume 2 of InfLect, an Australian journal of multimedia writing, based at The University of Canberra's School of Creative Communication.  The piece draws on an earlier work, I: Four Portraits of Self, which is a set of abstract pen portraits of Randy, drawn from his own words and combined with four self-portraits.

Vitaleyes was a project with Randy Nehila that took place between October and December 2002, during which time both worked rapidly and collaboratively, yet with the express intention of producing two entirely separable creations in different media. Pauline Masurel wrote a novel with the working title Vitalize and Randy painted a series of fifty-three oil paintings.

Blue Hyacinth Stir Fry uses the stir fry form devised and implemented by Jim Andrews. It joined a number of other Stir Fry Texts at vispo.com in November 2002.

Liberty bell image by Jennifer Jaye
This Train: Signals Past At Danger was created with Jennifer Jaye at the bitter end of 2001. It is included in project hope, a collection arranged by Reiner Strasser, Annie Abrahams and Alan Sondheim, which was exhibited in AJAC, at the Metropolitan Art Museum Tokyo in October 2002.
Peace lily image by Jennifer Jaye

Improvidence, written with Daniel Carter, sailed in Issue One of the egg box, published by Egg Box Publishing. .

Speedy Solstice Stichomither was a high-speed transatlantic crossing by Maev (a collaboration with Everdeen Tree) in Alan McDonald's project The Longest Day: The Shortest Day, which consists of writing submitted on 21 June 2000.

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