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Writing ensembles

Pauline Masurel is currently a member of an online writing group run by Clare Reddaway of A Word in Your Ear.  She was also a founder member of the writers' group Company of Writers, which formed in 2008 and used to meet once a month in Bath.

She has read her fiction with many other writers at Story Fridays and other storytelling events presented by A Word in your Ear and Kilter Theatre.  You can catch up with their previous events, which include stories written and read by Pauline Masurel, in the Listening Bank.

BristolFlash is a group of flash fiction writers based in the Bristol area.  They organised an event in Bristol on 21 June 2014 to celebrate National Flash Fiction Day

BristolFlash also got together with BristolCon Fringe on 14 April 2014 for a Fringe In A Flash evening at The Shakespeare Tavern, Bristol.

Heads and Tales
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Heads & Tales was a loose collective of writers, musicians and artists, based in Bristol and founded by Ursula-Wills Jones in 2006.  Involvement included reading at numerous storytelling events in the South West of England, recording audio stories set in Bath and Staple Hill, as well as attending several festivals with Heads & Tales.

Watermark is an anthology of writing by thirty-five graduates from the MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University College. It was launched at the Bath Literature Festival in February 2005.

The book was written and edited by MA students from the class of 2003/04.  It was edited by Robin Pridy, contains an introduction by Tessa Hadley and features three of Pauline Masurel's shorter stories.

Cover Design by Pauline Sturges
Cover: Pauline Sturges

Tim Wright's In Search of Oldton is an amalgam of true stories that he and contributors have remembered about a town from their youth.  Or is it a pack of lies?  Shuffle the facts and judge for yourself.  Mazzy's recollections of the place include motorways and imaginary dogs.

The last remaining documented memories of Oldton now exist online and as special edition packs of playing cards but the search was also turned into a radio play broadcast by the BBC in 2006.

Michael Szpakowski's project imagining ourselves consists of non-digitally-produced black and white self-portraits.  and includes Pauline Masurel's self-portrait in words.  A collection of the portraits showed at the Houston Art Car Museum as part of the exhibition Face in July 2005.

Writers Junction took part in Kicking The Can in Walcot Street, Bath in June 2003 and splashed around in The Bath Suite.

Various unsettled Claims are in progress with Randy Adams and Everdeen Tree. Claims first set sail in July 2002 at the Incubation2 conference, at Nottingham Trent University.

A few lines were cast in QUICK-SHIFT, a writing event that took place in January 2002, organised by Everdeen Tree.

The Blind Tiler's Assistant was a trio performed by the blind tiler, his wife and assistant in frAme5:Digital Labour, for Love or Money.  

Under the Umbrella emerged from the course Experiments in Creative Writing: Collaboration, held at the University of Reading in Summer 2000.

Other words can no longer be found. They were scattered on the waters in various trAce-related projects, such as: the Imaginary Post Office run by PostMaster Randy Adams, Home and Alan Sondheim's  Lost project.  Writing also existed as one part among many of Jevalenazdeth, whose voices could be read in the Collaborative Writing conference at the trAce WebBoard until its closure in May 2003.  As for what a jevalenazdeth actually was...well, Jevalenazdeth was as jevalenazdeth did...or didn't.  Hopefully that's clear.

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