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Yesterday I filled my flask with the sunrise.  I crammed silhouettes of trees and power lines inside too.  A few stray birds and contrails got swept up inside as well the first camellia bloom of the year.  A clutch of skimmia berries sneaked in too, followed by a previously undiscovered footpath and the sound of the stream in spate, gambolling along beside me.  Today I fill my flask with wakefulness.  I add a small measure of ready-to-face the world.  Then I screw the lid on tight, gaze at it for a while and take myself back to bed for the day.

Pauline Masurel

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I Found Myself Lost is one of seventy-five prize-winning flash fictions in the anthology Fuel, which was published to raise money for charities fighting fuel poverty. BBC Radio Bristol broadcast a recording of the story on Upload on 13 February 2023.

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