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The Lost Property Office is about words which have been misplaced or have no obvious home. It exists at a place called Lingua MOO. For general information about things MOO-like, see this quick introduction to MOOing.

The Lost Property Office was created by Mazzy who lurks around in the area, usually asleep, in a guise called MazThing. Others have deposited Lost Property there and anyone can stroll by. The Lost Property Office is always ready to receive more words. Just who owns them it's hard to say.

You can go the whole hog and visit the Lost Property Office, which will take a while to log in and explore, or you can have a quick view of what's currently there. The office itself, adjoining broom cupboard and walled garden were created by Mazzy but links beyond those are part of Lingua MOO itself.

View Lost Property Office: http://lingua.utdallas.edu:7000/4939
This will just show you a view of the office, you can negotiate your way around and see what's there but you won't be able to interact with the office at all. It's a quick way to get a feel for what the place is like.

Visit Lost Property Office: http://lingua.utdallas.edu:7000/
If the link above works and you don't already have a character at Lingua then just log in as a Guest (no password needed). This may take a little time to load - please be patient - you will be prompted for a name and description which define how you are represented within the MOO. To go straight to the Lost Property Office at any time type @go Lost Property Office or @go #4939

Alternatively, you can explore Lingua a little first. You will find exits to the Lost Property Office through the Collaboratory, on the 2nd Dimension of ComMoonity or via the Walled Garden, off the Boulevard des Desseins.

Some things you may want to try in the Lost Property Office.

look object - to see details of an object, or just click on the link
take object from desk - to pick something up from the desk
drop object - to put it down
put object in desk - does what you might expect
say something or just "something - if you want to talk to anyone you meet
@quit - when you've decided it's time to go

You're welcome to move things around but it would be much appreciated if you drop them off near by before you quit because then the staff won't have to scurry around and try and retrieve them from a ghastly place called Limbo. On the other hand, if you have a character at Lingua then feel free to wander off with them - oh and Mrs Burden loves to chat, so please say hello to her if you're dropping by.

You can find more help online at Lingua. If you're new to MOOing, or unable to use the link above to log in using enCore Xpress and want to enter on a simplified, text-only basis, then try the telnet approach shown on the MOOing page.

If you have any problems using the Lost Property Office, want to add an item of lost property or discuss any of the above then please feel free to MOOmail MazThing at Lingua MOO or mazzy@northpoint.org.uk.

If you prefer your words to represent that which is eternally lost, rather than temporarily misplaced, you could check out Alan Sondheim's Lost project at trAce .