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When is it?

I have been writing seriously (although sometimes taking it rather lightly) for about thirty years.  Many of my fictions take the form of short stories but I have also been involved in a range of projects writing online and in collaboration with others.

Here are some selected dates from that process:

2021 - ...     Writing again.
2015 - 2020 Took a break from writing and performing.
2012 - 2014 Performing at Story Fridays in Bath.
2010 - 2013 Part of the blogging team at Thresholds International Short Story Forum.
2008 - 2014 Founder and member of Company of Writers group in Bath.
early 2008 - mid-2010 Writer in residence at bloom & curll bookshop, Bristol.
2008 - 2014 Writing for The Short Review website.
October 2007 Gave up 'the day job' to become a writer and gardener.
2006 - 2011 Member of the Bristol-based storytelling group Heads & Tales.
October 2004 - February 2005 Working as part of the editorial and production team for the anthology Watermark.
October 2003 - September 004 Studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University College.
May - June 2003 Kicking The Can with Writers Junction in Bath.
March 2003 Began to spread out the unfurling.net website.
January 2003 Combined various obsessions such as bad puns and eating curry to create a collection of tiny stories called Currying Flavour.
September - December 2002 Took part in a project with the artist Randy Nehila, writing a book-length fiction in co-response to a series of images of oil paintings.
1 April 2002 'Turned unprofessional' - reducing my paid occupation to three days a week to concentrate the rest of my time on writing.
October 2001 - March 2002 Kept the online daily notebook, Blue Hyacinth.
tale end of 2002 Wrote This Train with Jennifer Jaye.
January 2001 The short story Cow Tipping was published by London Magazine in the anthology Signals 3.
Summer Solstice 2000 First wrote together with Everdeen Tree as Maev.
11 April 2000 Being Jevalenazdeth for the first time.
Spring 1999 Joined the trAce Online Writing Community
1995 & 1996 Departing People was one of the winners in the BBC's First Bite competition. This and another shortlisted story, One Call Is All It Takes, were subsequently broadcast in the afternoon short story slot on Radio Four.
1993 Took the first of a series of classes with the School of Continuing Education at Reading University. Became a member of A4 Writers in Reading with whom I workshopped my writing for a number of years.
1981 One of a hundred winners in a national writing competition for sixth formers.
1964 First unfurled in Surrey.

Pauline Masurel

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