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Who is it?

My name is Mazzy, otherwise known as Pauline Masurel, and I contributed to all of the writing caught up in the unfurling.net.  You can contact me at paulinemasurel@unfurling.net.

Writing doesn't exist in isolation though; it has many contributaries and confluences. Below are just a few of the individuals and groups who have inspired, educated and enabled my writing over the years.  My collaborations with some of these can be found among the duets and ensembles here.

Thank you to:

Company of Writers,  A Word in your Ear,  Heads & Tales,  Writers Junction,  the Watermark writers and tutors at Bath Spa University College,  A4 Writers in Reading,  Maev,  Jevalenazdeth,  trAce,  the School of Continuing Education at Reading University and the Postmaster of the Imaginary Post Office. Also to Ant (for insisting that I write "a Columbo story"),  Everdeen Tree (for all the words we've written, shared and rewritten...and then some more),  Randy Nehila (for supplying the vision and imagination in the project at vitaleyes and for our time together).  To all of the people that I've stolen stories off (whether or not they know it) and to my husband for living with me, loving me and putting up with all the "writing resources" (or "stuff") with which I have littered our home.

Finally, there are the words themselves without which nothing could be made up and those who are curious enough to read or listen to them.  Thank you all.

Pauline Masurel

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